Julio 16, 2018
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Modernization of Puerto Bolívar Port Authority of Puerto Bolívar...  READ MORE
Efficient Port Since the ship reaches the sea buoy, enter control of the port, giving him the services to the ship and the cargo... READ MORE
Functional Port  Functional infrastructure for specialized warehouse pallets, closed warehouse for general cargo and ample opportunities for outdoor patios for all types of containers... READ MORE
Operative Port Along with the great ports of the world, we maintain a high degree of operability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with responsibility and efficiency to meet the requirements of international trade... READ MORE
Multipurpose Port We have a port infrastructure necessary to handle all types of goods... READ MORE

Modernization of Puerto Bolivar

  08 06 2015 banner APPB float

 Port Authority of Puerto Bolívar ... Read more

Strategic Location


Puerto Bolivar is located to enters at the entrance of Santa Rosa estuary, Jambelí Archipelago, South of the Gulf of Guayaquil in the following coordinates: 3°15' 55'' South Latitude and 80°00'01’ West longitude... Read More



 The Port has 4 docking lines distributed in a breakwater wharf  130 mts. Long and 30 mts. Wide and 360 mts. marginal wharf  long and 25 mts. wide, allowing 4 simultaneous berthing ships. Read More

Puerto Bolivar get Certification as Safe Port


In official ceremony, realized on July 22, 2009 at APPB officials Club, the main authorities of the entity, Chairman, CEO, and Directors, received from the hands of CPNV-MS (SP) Napoleon Villacis Secretary of maritime Security (SEPROM) SAFE HARBOR recertification as in recognition of the protection to threats against ships and maritime activities, achievement as the basis of compliance and implementation of the ISPS code Security, which has allowed to remain the standards required by the SEPROM, which resulted, in the course of the five years since the first certification was not submitted a single security incident that became the model for other ports in Ecuador.

This recertification is a guarantee for the goods leaving APPB to overseas markets, the port, port operators and shipping helped to take preventive measures against threats to the security of ships and port facilities; excelled CPFG presence Scotch Massterson, delegate of the U.S. Coast Guard, representing the Ecuadorian maritime authority were the CPNV-MS Jaime Ayala, National Director of Aquatic Spaces; CPFG-EM Julio Cabrera Ron, Captain of PUERTO Bolivar and Vice Chairman of Port Authority of Puerto Bolivar.

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Certifications APPB

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