Julio 18, 2018
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Puerto Bolivar, a Port at your service


The Port Bolivar Marine Terminal has natural advantages as a seaport,. But we are consolidating our position as a competitive port, with an accelerated development of a modern infrastructure: new storage areas, increasing Tomas reefers, a new electrical substation, security service, with a new pier (currently under construction and operational from beginning of 2013); with a constantly trained and motivated continuous improvement,  with the introduction of information technology to optimize customer service and also with a first road connectivity to Guayaquil and rest of the country, make the port bolivar best choice at the service of maritime trade in southern Ecuador and northern Peru.

This bid for the modernization of Port Bolivar since 2005 has been certified to international ISPS code, now we have received certification in an Integrated System of Management ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 14001:2004, looking to have an environmentally sustainable port and, in BASC certification process seeking to give greater security to our clients and their cargo.

Every day we prepare to improve our services and encourage our partners: shipping, OPB, OPC, complementary operators to be more efficient, economical and safe and thus have more satisfied customers.

In this publication we offer comprehensive information all services provided at the marine terminal and have it done with our responsibility to property and traditional hospitality of all of us at this port.

We want to be great just for you.