Julio 18, 2018
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Port Infrastructure

HPIM1312 The Port has 4 docking lines distributed in a breakwater wharf  130 mts. Long and 30 mts. Wide and 360 mts. marginal wharf  long and 25 mts. wide, allowing 4 simultaneous berthing ships.

The total areas is 75.5 hectares back.

In the Port’s facilities can make the management of all types of cargo, functional infrastructure that has been historically used for all type of vessels.


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International Docks. - Docking lines consist of a breakwater wharf for two vessels of 130 meters. long, marginal wharf, following the coast line of 360 meters. by 25 meters. wide, attached to the mainland by 3 gateways, for 2 additional vessels. The structure is slab on piles and load capacity of 5Ton/m2. Drafts allowed the edge of the wharf are of 12.50 meters. at the lowest tides. The capability enables operational machinery operates including forklifts of all types and a mobile crane for containers. The specialty is the management of all types of goods, but to operate container and palletized load, preference is given in the marginal wharf, by the proximity of specialized warehouses  and reefer container yard.

 The outside docks are to the service of tourism to the beaches of the Jambelí island and in the Pitahaya to support the safety of the marshes by the Marines and Captain of the Port.

International Docks


Docks Berth Lenght Width Draft Uses
Breakwater N. 1 130 m. 130 m. 12,50 m.
Bulk Cargo
Breakwater N. 2
130 m. 30 m. 12,50 m.
Bulk Cargo
Marginal N. 3 180 m. 25 m. 12,50 m. Pallets, Container.
Marginal N. 4 180 m. 25 m. 12,50 m. Containers
Total Mooring lines: 620 ml



Backup platforms. - The breakwater wharf terminal and marginal, have to care for goods warehouses of all types and yards for dry and refrigerated containers, connected with wide streets and paved avenues lighted and with horizontal and vertical signage.

Specialized Warehouses for palletizing of banana: Of metallic structure, covered and open in their environment to give to the fruit freshness in the process of packaging and subsequent transfer to the vessel.

Covers Closed Warehouses: In reinforced concrete floors, flexible pavement, for storing all kinds of goods.

Closed and outdoors courtyards: Paved for containers, vehicles, machinery, cattle paper, pipes, etc.. Yards for refrigerated containers and parking of heavy vehicles.

Reserve areas: The Port has a large esplanade reserve of 235,323 m2. designed for future expansion or implementation of projects related to the provision of port services.

Specialized Warehouses


Warehouse Type Total Area
8 Enclosed Decks 10.560.00 m2. Banana Pallets
6 Enclosed Decks
8.623.00 m2. Various Merchandise
Patio Type Total Area Uses
7 Cerrados con Malla
101.659.00 m2. Containers, Others
3 In terminatio Phase 89.171.00 m2 Vehicles, Equipment

See the scheme Port