Julio 18, 2018
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Institutional Values

Corporate Responsibility.- Port Authority of Puerto Bolivar adopted a model of sustainable management, sustainable and targeted planning, through an efficient management in economic aspects, social and environmental of the institution, seeks to satisfy the demand for port services and their actions have regional impact.

Honesty.- All the actions taken in Port Authority of Puerto Bolivar are in accordance with their duties and to respect its property and facilities from their members.

Transparency.- The management of managers, employees and workers must correspond to its mission and to work to achieve its institutional vision, whose work should be accountable to the port community and their environment permanently.

Comitmment.- Port Authority of Puerto Bolivar works identified with a shared strategic direction for the actors, giving them the encouragement needed to fully comply with their duties.

Solidarity.- In APPB we support each other between employees and works thinking in the collectivity of the region, knowing that their institutional achievements are reversed in fairer relations and distributed of wealth and welfare.